You can now view WhatsApp GIFs in the notification itself

What’s new for WhatsApp Messenger users – and the chance for you to join this select group is 99.9%! (I.e.

Today, the iOS app has been updated and gained an interesting feature: now, when you receive photos or GIFs, you can preview the media file using 3D Touch – or by sliding left on the notification and tapping “View.” Obviously, in the case of using 3D Touch, you need to have an iPhone 6s or higher; to preview sliding the notification, you must be running iOS 10 or higher.

However, we have tested here in several ways and it was not possible to see the feature working. Who knows everything is still being released gradually and is not yet available to all users – which is wrong, since it is in the official release notes of the new version, but …

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp version 2.18.90 minimally requires iOS 8.0 and also features a new feature to help users recognize suspicious links shared in chats.

Suspicious link alert in WhatsApp
In addition, the messenger now also has the ability to search the “Status” tab to quickly find an update. But since I doubt you have tens / hundreds of friends using this feature, you’re hardly going to use it.

Has anyone there been able to view GIFs using 3D Touch?

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