Thieves invade another Apple store in California; loss is US $ 35 thousand

The disturbing series of invasions of Apple Stores in the United States won another episode yesterday (2/9); this time, the target of the assailants was the Apple Burlingame, California. With this, it is the fifth time that Apple stores in the Bay Area of ​​San Francisco are invaded – this has only been in the last two weeks. According to the police, all cases occurred in a similar way and, therefore, can be attributed to the same group.

In yesterday’s robbery, a group of men wearing hooded coats rushed through the front door of the store around 11:30 am local time and ripped open iPhones and MacBooks from the tables, as reported by NBC. The action was recorded by store security cameras and lasted a few seconds.

Last week, Apple Emeryville and Apple Santa Rosa Plaza, in the same region, were also targets of similar assaults. Two weeks ago, Apple Corte Madera was stolen – plus two other stores, Apple Rosedale Center and Apple Fashion Fair.

In most of the above cases, thieves escaped successfully after the invasions; however, in others, the assailants did not have the same “luck”. A few days ago we reported that during the attempted assault on Apple The Oaks, the customers of the Apple store immobilized two suspects until the arrival of the police.

Apple uses special versions of its software for all the gadgets that are laid out on the display tables in their stores and so they basically become a paperweight when stolen from the store. As in the case of Apple The Oaks, it is possible that the stolen goods are sold in parallel markets, or the profit of the burglars come from the resale of some parts of these devices, will know …

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