New Nintendo RPG for iOS, Dragalia Lost will be released on 9/27

From a purist company that insisted on maintaining its properties on its own consoles, Nintendo’s metamorphosis to a creative developer for other platforms was indeed quick – not to mention the success of such creations as Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem: Heroes .

Now the mythical Japanese company is giving the final details of its upcoming iOS game: Dragalia Lost RPG, the company’s first mobile platform game that is the product of a brand new intellectual property.

Free to play with internal microtransactions and developed by Nintendo in partnership with the also Japanese Cygames (which is behind titles like Granblue Fantasy), Dragalia Lost is described as a “vast multiplayer action RPG” with complexity a little higher than the creations of the company made available so far to the mobile world – according to its creators, the idea is to offer a title that can be enjoyed both in long games, in the way that most advanced gamers like, as in short sessions, which is the habit of the most casual of smartphone games.

Basically, the title story takes players on a journey to save the Kingdom of Alberia – for this you need to join a team and use the game coins to get new characters, powers or dragons to help you in the task. The Nintendo conference showing more of Dragalia Lost can be fully reviewed in the video below, for anyone interested:

The game will arrive on iOS on September 27, but will initially only be available in select territories – USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan; it is not yet known about the dates of international expansion. If you have been interested and are in one of the above places, however, a tip: by registering in advance on this Nintendo page, you will receive 1,500 units of the game’s virtual currency when it is aired.

Pretty, right?

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