Apple is struggling in new chapters of the disputes against Qualcomm and VirnetX

At this point, it is understandable that you have already completely lost track of the legal battles over, say, thorny Apple battles – even I, who work with it, have difficulties. But that is precisely what we are here for: we will now show the latest developments in two controversial cases.

Apple Vs. Qualcomm
If you remember the latest details of the novel, Qualcomm’s latest intent in its patent infringement dispute with Apple is to ban the import of iPhones and iPads to the United States on the grounds that they disregard property laws of the country. To this end, they filed a request with the US International Trade Commission involving a “limited exclusion order” for all iPhones equipped with Intel’s modems (which are the target of the process).

Apple customers then filed a lawsuit over all existing lawsuits requiring Qualcomm’s action to clear the way for banning iPhones from being banned. And, now, yes, this week’s news comes in: Judge Lucy Koh, who has been the supervisor of the whole lawsuit, has barred this consumer action – that is, Qualcomm has the free path to follow through with its request of banishment.

The suit may be moved again in the future if the accusers maintain their position. Let’s see how this situation will go by then.

Apple Vs. VirnetX
As for the (widely considered) VirnetX patent troll, things are also not going particularly well for Apple. In the most recent court ruling involving the corporate dispute, Apple was forced to pay more than $ 500 million to its nemesis – although some legal details could make the company get rid of the fine.

Apple then requested a retrial for the judges (possibly) to re-evaluate the ruling, but we now know that the company faced the wall: Judge Robert Schroeder of the East Texas District Court denied the Apple and, in practice, closed the case in that instance.

Of course, Apple’s solution (and the path it’s certainly going to take) is to appeal to a higher instance, but we’ll have to wait to see when-and how-that will happen. The fact is that the decision made VirnetX’s actions skyrocket more than 15% and the company certainly goes with even more force for a probable next step of this novel … that is, we will have to wait for the scenes of the next chapters.

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