Qube, a modular camping tent with a group of friends

The Qube modular tent can be connected to other tents, to create a real mansion on your next campsite with your best friends. With a height of 2.15 meters, you will not even have to bend down to move inside it. You can buy the tent with blackout, and so do not have to wake up along with the birds. The tent is covered by a material that can withstand heavy rains and also reduce condensation, according to designer Jason Thorpe.

Another interesting detail for me is the solar panel that feeds a power bank of 13,000mAh, which can be mounted in the window of the Qube, making this tent a great option for anyone who wants to spend time on a desert island. The Qube tents are easy to assemble and store, the only problem is their weight of 14.8 kg (in the 2 person version).

You can buy the Qube in three sizes, for 2, 3 or 4 people, priced starting at $ 250 (during the crowdfunding campaign). All models can be connected through a $ 30 tunnel. The Qube’s Indiegogo goal was quite modest, only $ 25,000, and was beaten with leftovers, with nearly $ 300,000 raised so far, so the first stalls are due in July this year.

Learn more at Qube Tents.

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Via Digital Trends.

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