New beta version of iOS 12 released to fix annoying bug

Earlier this week, Apple released the 11th beta of iOS 12 – a record. Although the compilation is well rounded, a very simple and annoying bug is bothering many people who have installed and are testing Apple’s new mobile operating system.

According to Brazilian developer Guilherme Rambo, it seems that iOS does some date / time calculations to determine if the beta build is about to expire when some actions are performed on the device (such as closing the Notification Center). And, for some crappy reason Apple, the iOS 12 beta 11 was about to expire.


Guilherme Rambo
02:03 – 31 Aug 2018
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The bug could not be fixed by Apple on the server (if it could, of course, this would have been done some time ago), and so the company had to release iOS 12 beta 12 (build 16A5366a) – for Apple attendees Beta Software Program, we are talking about beta 10 – only to solve this problem. It’s going to be hard to beat this betas record, now …

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