Sobro, a coffee table with refrigerator, outlets and USB ports to recharge your gadgets!

The Jaguar Land Rover introduced a concept for an artificial intelligence-equipped steering wheel, the Sayer, which would be the only part of the car you would need to buy. With this wheel you would be part of a club, so you could book a Jaguar when you needed it, order it yourself, and a stand-alone car would stop at your gate the next day at the appointed time.

The name is a tribute to the legendary designer Malcolm Sayer, who worked on Jaguar from 1951 until 1970, and was the creator of the classic E-Type Jaguar E-Type and D-Type. Learn more about Malcom Sayer on his website and in this BBC story.

The concept of the flyer Sayer is one of the highlights of Tech Fest 2017, which happens next week at the University of the Arts in London. Read the press release and learn more at Jaguar.

Via Engadget.

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