Night and Day: Xiaomi Yeelight table lamp with 5 tones and 5 levels

I am here today to show off the Xiaomi Yeelight table lamp, which the Banggood store is selling for a special price. The luminaire has 60 LED lights with four levels of brightness, and a super special and curious detail, it has white light for daytime use, and yellow light for night use, not disturbing your sleep.

The brightness can be adjusted in 5 levels, from 20 to 100% intensity. The color temperature can vary between 2700K and 6500K, and also has 5 adjustment modes. Another interesting detail is that it has a 2000mAh battery, which means if you run out of light in your home, it will continue to light up your room for 5 or even 7 hours, depending on the intensity of the brightness.

The design is a chapter by piece, it is totally minimalist and can also be positioned at any angle. I really highly recommend this lamp, which is shot to my favorite and is currently on the bedside table of my room. I have used it to read my Kindle at night with its yellow light, reading becomes much more comfortable.

Click here to buy the Yeelight Table Lamp now with a 46% discount for R $ 153 (the normal value is R $ 281) at the Banggood store, which makes deliveries in Brazil.

Depending on the number of sales made from the link here in the DD, Banggood will draw 3 Yeelight fixtures like this for our readers. From 25 closed orders, 1 Yeelight, 40 orders, 2 fixtures and 60 orders, 3 Xiaomi Yeelight (if the player you have drawn has already purchased one, you can choose another product of the same value).

Watch my video on the DD channel to know more about the luminaire:

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